Application Testing and Crowd Sourcing


Innovations in the technological development keep coming up with people trying to create applications to ease the running of daily activities. The applications are therefore run through a program known as the application tester that seeks to test the usability, functionality, and consistency in the entire application. Application testing is mostly done through the application tester programme which helps in assessing the created application; therefore, recommendations on improvement at this stage are given out hence the application is released after several improvements. Most of these applications are used by people on their mobile phones so they should be very good for one to have the need and install the application. The app testerwill seek certain features in a new innovated application. The application should be downloadable from the various stores available on the internet to be of use to the entire population. The mobile application should be made in a way that it can accommodate all operating system for either mobiles or computers. The application then must be good since different types of operating systems have different features and limitations that the application is supposed to run through. One of the main challenges that testers may come across is compatibility of the application with any mobile phone be it analog or in the digital phase.

Application testing is done in two main ways. The testing can be done on an emulator which is a hardware or software enabling one computer system to mimic the system of another or can be done directly to the mobile phone or the computer. The emulator will differ whether it is made to function on the hardware or it is made to function on the software. Both ways, however, have their limitations but the mobile testing is preferred to the emulator. Crowdsourcing is an activity that involves getting work or marshaling up funds from a group of people usually done on the online basis or the internet. Check out for more info about mobile apps.

Crowdsourcing belief is that different people will have good and bright ideas on one’s innovation rather than working alone in a project. This activity can be useful in many ways where it can be used in any field or industry; advertisement, fashion, website design and so on. An emerging trend in software and application testing is the crowdsourced testing which is the testing is done practically by people available in the platform which is better than any other form of application testers. Get info here!


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